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Please send anything that needs a fast answer to my twitter as I check twitter regularly.
Please send any bugs / suggestions / business related things to my email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile will be updated under the following conditions:

  • Has been visited in less than or equal to 7 days.
  • Has not been updated in an hour.
  • Is already in the database.

The following things will then be updated with a specific interval / expression.
These will all be checked every hour since your last update.

Info Interval / Expression
Stats Hourly
Ranked Stats Hourly
Platform Information (Steam, XboxOne) 12 Hours from previous update
Graph Stats When different from previous stats
Graph Ranked When different from previous ranked stats

If the first condition is not met, we will try to update your profile every 24 hours.

Your profile will also update when you visit it ~4 minutes after the last update.

Any suggestions can be sent to my email.

Unfortunately it is impossible to get this data at the moment.

Please send me a tweet on twitter with your platform and profile.
If you don't have twitter send me an email.

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