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Updated at: 04-27-2017 06:18:00 UTC

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Season Rankings

Ranked Duel

Champion I
Division IV
Rating 1265

Champion I icon

Matches Played: 33

Ranked Doubles

Diamond III
Division I
Rating 1167

Diamond III icon

Matches Played: 35

Ranked Duel

Division II
Rating 1012

Champion icon

Matches Played: 637

Ranked Doubles

Shooting Star
Division II
Rating 791

Shooting Star icon

Matches Played: 65

Ranked Solo Standard


Rating 590

Unranked icon

Matches Played: 2

Ranked Standard

Rising Star
Division II
Rating 693

Rising Star icon

Matches Played: 10


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Wins Saves MVPs MVP %
1207 1889 453 37.53%
Goals Shots Assists Shot Accuracy
4277 7356 710 58.14%


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